Can HP’s Chromebox work in the office?

With Microsoft users preparing to abandon their older Windows XP models in search of a new PC, we take a look at one of the latest pieces of innovation from HP that could certainly prove to be the ideal replacement for laptop and desktop users alike, the HP Chromebox.

The first thing we realise with the Chromebox is its similarities to the Apple Mac Mini with reasonably small, rectangular dimensions, a few USB ports, HDMI display and Bluetooth connectivity. It also works in a similar way to any other Desktop PC, with an external mouse and keyboard.

The Chromebox has all the characteristics to appeal to a wider audience with a selection of colours to choose from and a sleek, curved finish that makes it all the more appealing to the eye. It’s also got some pretty strong specs onboard with Intel processors that range from Haswell micro-architecture to the 4th gen i7. The micro processors are both efficient and powerful enough to support the expected web surfing and application demands.

The question is, could it ever replace the standard office infrastructure that we are currently used to? Whilst the i7 processor is more than enough power to work within an office environment, has it got anything else? It’s small and user-friendly which makes storage particularly straightforward. You could even make it portable and carry it from office room to meeting room if necessary. However, it seems HP have used their website to emphasise the products capabilities in the domestic environment instead and this could result in businesses turning their attentions elsewhere for now.

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