Super fast broadband over wireless

Fed up waiting for fast broadband to arrive at your location?

You are not alone so we are now offering super fast broadband over wireless. By installing a small dish on your roof we can connect direct to your premises over a powerful wireless network, without any dependence on the BT infrastrucure in your neighbourhood.

Benefits for business

  • Unlike most ISPs, our uploads speeds are just as fast as download speeds – ideal for businesses with multiple locations.
  • We can include a VPN facility for any of your locations connected to our wireless service giving you secure connections between offices for sharing of company data.
  • Low “latency” is ideal for carrying voice traffic opening up reliable options for Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems.

Prices from £29 a month.

Call us today on 01243 553605 or 02392 009806 to discuss your requirements.

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