Better Security For Gmail Business Users

Google has just launched a number of new and updated security features for Gmail business users.

In an online world where cyber crime against businesses appears to produce high profile victims on an all-too-regular basis this latest launch should provide one extra layer of protection in our most sacred and yet regularly used areas of our businesses, our email accounts.

What Changes?

The newly launched features include an update of the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) app. This feature that was originally designed to keep any sensitive data out of emails now has an enhancement that allows attachments to be protected in a similar way.

Sensitive number details related to security such as card numbers or drivers license numbers can be detected in any attachments, even in image-based files, thanks to Gmail’s impressive “optical character recognition”. The same protection can also be offered for any unwanted words in attachments e.g. commercially sensitive project code names, or even swear words.

The updated features now give your company admin (who may well be you if you’re an SME) the opportunity to exert much greater control over email security by enabling you to set up rules with greater precision for the quarantine or rejection of emails based on specific parts of their content.

Another update in this latest launch is a feature that enables the scanning of emails for information in several new countries. Google says that this could improve the coverage of HIPAA data, which relates to the necessity for data centres to comply with HITECH standards to ensure protection when electronically transmitting any protected health information (ePHI).

More Selective Handling

The latest Gmail for business updates could also make it easier for businesses to handle their emails differently based upon how many rules they violate. This means that multiple violations of the criteria you set could result in instant rejection of an email, whereas one violation could mean that the email is simply quarantined so it can be reviewed.

What This Means For Businesses

These updates give businesses a greater level of control when it comes to email security and better tailoring to the individual needs of a business.

This of course could translate into less worry and stress, plus greater confidence in the online security of your business at a time when cyber crime scare stories, and tighter data protection rules and regulations are all around.

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