Tech Tip – How To Keep Your Wi-Fi Connection Secure


A good, secure Wi-Fi connection is often the backbone of many peoples’ day-to-day online business and is a key component of data security, so, here are a few tips for making sure that your wireless connection is secure: – Make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date and that you have replaced the […]


Google Glass Released in the UK

Google Glass has gone on sale in the UK, with “creative” consumers and developers alike capable of getting their hands on the android-based technology if they’re willing to part with £1000. The UK release has led to further concerns regarding the privacy aspects of Glass. Google Glass’ privacy debate is still open for discussion, especially […]


World Cup 2014 Marred By Online Security Threats From Protesters

With the World Cup underway, you would have thought that a nation blessed by a huge football tradition would welcome hosting such a tournament. Unfortunately, the tournament has been overshadowed by protests from activists who are unhappy with the expenses put towards the tournament in comparison to basic salary and healthcare. Intriguingly, one of the […]


Ransomware posing a new threat to Android users

Ransomware, an evil type of Malware that looks to take your money through forceful and threatening means of negotiation, has returned to the forefront of security threats this week after it was found that Android users were at risk from ‘Koler’ ransomware. People who were unfortunate enough to experience ransomware in the past will know […]


Useful Password Management Tools For Your Business

We’ve all had to go through the struggle of forgetting our passwords at some point in our lives, but for a thriving business with all kinds of login details affiliated to social media sites and programs across the internet, it can really damage the productivity of a working day. Thankfully, various iOS-based applications specifically designed […]


Ubisoft’s ‘Watch Dogs’ Pinpoints The Threat Of Poor Online Security

Ubisoft’s upcoming blockbuster ‘Watch Dogs’ is a game that focuses a lot on the general failings of the online world as it is today, with some of the basics of online security still being ignored by internet users across the world. The ability to hack and gain access to various government security protocols is pivotal […]