90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If within 90 days you are not delighted with our service then our no-quibble money-back guarantee means we will refund your IT support subscription and cancel your contract.

We’re not looking for a quick sale and we’re pretty sure you would prefer a long-term partner that shows a genuine interest in your business and who invests in that partnership.

Your decision to choose us and stay with us will be made up of a multitude of factors and the decision, much like marriage, is harder because of the long-term nature of the relationship and the potential cost of getting it wrong (again like marriage)!

You may not know us too well right now and can be forgiven for wondering if our service will pan out the way we say it will. Our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that once you get to know us, if it’s not what you were expecting, we can go our separate ways – no hard feelings.