New Browser Extension That Hands Back Control of Your Inbox

Buying online, downloading or subscribing to anything these days involves you having to give your e-mail address, at the very least.

Even if it seems and sounds fair at the time we all know that what is likely to happen is that we will end up receiving regular emails and newsletters for what seems like forever from sources that we’d forgotten how / when / why we signed up to them. What’s more, our contact details are inevitably sold-on which means yet more spam and unwanted emails to deal with and to try and unsubscribe from.

Imagine for just one moment that there is a simple add-on to your browser that will not only allow you to take back control of your inbox, but also to see who has sold your email address.

Enter ‘Throttle’.

A Smart Browser Extension

Throttle is a downloadable browser extension for Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers (one for Firefox is in the pipeline). It therefore doesn’t require any access to your email box but acts as a kind of shield or pre-filtering device. Throttle’s most important features include:

  • Generating a unique throttle email address each time you sign up to anything online. This means that you don’t have to give your own email address out, and the email address that you do give can be instantly destroyed should you decide to revoke access and stop receiving any further emails from any source you’ve signed up to.

    This means that you no longer have to ask to be unsubscribed and wait 7 to 10 days for the company to comply (or perhaps ignore your request). You have the power to stop the emails when you choose at the click of a button. Throttle does this by adding its own on-screen button to all signup forms that you visit thereby allowing you to generate the throttle email address and automatically fill out the relevant form field with it.

  • Delivering all the emails from your various sign-up sources to your email box in one organised, categorised, daily ‘digest’. This means that you have fewer interruptions throughout the day and you can manage and deal with all of your newsletter / coupon / spammy offer emails in one go.

For more information visit where you can sign up for free or you can opt for the Pro version for $3.99 per month. This gives you the added advantages of support digests for multiple email accounts, instant forwarding rather than waiting for the daily digest, and the ability to use custom domains.

What This Means For Your Business?

Throttle can quite simply mean fewer unwanted distractions and the saving of valuable work time and therefore cost savings. It can also cut down on the frustrations and stresses that constant spammy emails can cause as well as allowing you to keep a check on the space taken up in your email box, and allowing you to make your email box more clutter-free.

The knowledge that you aren’t having to give out your own email address means that you also gain the confidence of being able to sign up to more things that you think may be of interest and could bring some business benefits. Ultimately Throttle gives you much greater control over this most important area of your business.

If you happen to be the one sending the newsletters and coupons out, you can also take comfort in the news that if your subscribers are using Throttle it could actually give you a greater chance of your content being read because it guarantees a 100% delivery rate.

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