Ransomware posing a new threat to Android users

Ransomware, an evil type of Malware that looks to take your money through forceful and threatening means of negotiation, has returned to the forefront of security threats this week after it was found that Android users were at risk from ‘Koler’ ransomware.

People who were unfortunate enough to experience ransomware in the past will know just how frustrating it can be. Victims are threatened by fake legal authorities, encouraging them to part with their cash in order to rid the troublesome malware from their device.  What makes it a particularly devious form of malware is the way in which attacks its victims should you refuse to pay. You will be either:

A) Locked out of the device permanently unless you pay, although they leave data alone and treat it as a ‘hostage’.

B) Encrypt your data so that you can’t use it, meaning you have access to your device but can’t actually do anything with it from there!

Usually, ransomware gains access to your computer through undercover online interaction, taking the form of a seemingly harmless software or application update. Should you install Koler on your android device, you could be at risk.

What is good to know is that the vast majority of apps are aware of Koler and will prevent it from being installed. A few tips for you to follow include avoiding apps you find in embedded adverts and making sure you have effective online security for your device. Most malware originates from illegal content but spreads throughout the internet easily over time.

A final piece of advice regarding this potential threat would be to consider backing up your android files using a cloud system, as Android doesn’t make it easy for you to back up your files.

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