The Companies Act (1985) has been amended to specify the mandatory information that must appear on emails. It should include the company’s:

  • registered name
  • registration number
  • place of registration
  • registered office address

For example:

Pronetic Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 5484070. Registered office: 19 Downview Road, Barnham, West Sussex, PO22 0EG.

This applies to private or public limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. It does not apply to sole traders or standard partnerships.

The same mandatory information should also appear on the company’s website and the requirements remains for printed matter as was the case in the world before email and internet (e.g. letter heads).

Increasingly disclaimers and confidentiality notices are also appearing in email footers – sometimes there is more footer than message. There is much debate on whether to use these. Legal advice should be sought in drafting the wording.

If you would like advice on automatically including email footers or disclaimers without relying on your employees to do so then please contact the team at Pronetic and we can help.