Security Stop Press : Thousands Of Brand Subdomains Hijacked For Spam

Cyber Security Company, Guardio Labs, has reported uncovering a major “SubdoMailing” campaign which involves the hijacking of 8,000+ trusted domains to send millions of spam and malicious phishing emails daily. 

Brands whose subdomains are being exploited in the campaign include MSN, VMware, McAfee, The Economist, Cornell University, CBS, Marvel, and eBay. 

Guardio Labs said it has identified the threat actor behind the campaign as ‘ResurrecAds,’ a bogus ad network known for reviving “dead” domains from big brands and using them as backdoors to exploit legitimate services and brands and circumvent email protection.  

The advice to businesses, which should already have antivirus protection in place, is to exercise caution and to avoid opening any unsolicited and suspicious looking emails, even if they do appear to be from known brands.

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