Any Portsmouth-based business that requires a server installation service can rely on Pronetic to offer the ideal boost to your IT infrastructure. Setting up a server can be a difficult job for someone without the experience and you may not be able to find the time to do so.

Servers are perfect for sharing everything from important files and folders to network capable printers across the workplace and they can also offer the perfect sharing database for each employee. If you’re concerned about your hard drive crashing or losing valuable data elsewhere, having a server installed can really benefit the organisation and infrastructure of your business.

If you have found yourself struggling to deal with important files being scattered across various computers and feel you need to get a foothold in your IT infrastructure, Pronetic can offer your business in Portsmouth a server installation service that covers all your infrastructure and security needs.

Servers act as a repository for important files and this keeps everything in check without the possibility of you losing data. Hard drives and PC’s which have a sole purpose for storing data can have their problems, so it’s vital that you have a server set up for your business to remain on top of things. Having data stored in a server makes everything easily accessible to everyone in the office.

The servers that Pronetic install can improve the sharing capabilities for your business and make the working environment a whole lot easier for you. The server email system makes transferring files from one employee to another an extremely simple process and everyone in the office can benefit from use of a single printer or other external devices.

Base servers are a vital part of any connected business as they drastically reduce the risk of losing any important data and give you a reliable IT infrastructure that everybody in the office can work with. Sharing files can be difficult if everyone in the office has different versions of software, so Pronetic can supply a base server that provides everyone with the same software.

Furthermore, we’re acutely aware that the server installed needs to run in tandem with the day-to-day structure of your business. We can provide onsite support to clients who need it upon installation of their server and we also provide security software to prevent harmful files or viruses from damaging your infrastructure.

If you think your Portsmouth business is struggling without an adequate server and could benefit from outstanding IT services in the future, contact Pronetic today to discover our range of server installation services.