If you are based in Southampton and require a server installation service in order to boost the IT infrastructure of your business, Pronetic are here to help. You might feel that you cannot handle the proposition of setting up a server for the benefit of file, printer and database sharing. What’s more, you may be concerned by the potential threat of data loss and the reliability of your hard drive. You may also be struggling with a growing number of important files being scattered across different PC’s in you work place, making you feel disorganised and incapable of retaining important information.

If your business is struggling with any of these issues, Pronetic provide a server installation service that can help you to get a grip of your network infrastructure and subsequently improve the organisation and security factors of your business.

Servers are a vital part of any business and provide the ideal repository for important data. If you have a server installed for your business, your team will be able to share files easily and store them all in a secure area in the database. Files can be easily found but kept from the outside world so only you are capable of accessing them.

The problem with having everything stored on an individual PC or hard drive such as contracts, calendars or printers is that sharing capabilities are restricted and you will have to rely on a single device. With a server installed from Pronetic you can make the most of a base email system that lets you share files efficiently with other people in the office, making the transportation of important data simple and stress-free.

By installing a base server you drastically reduce the risk of losing data and you don’t have to worry about a hard drive crashing at the worst possible time. Servers prove to be a critical part of any IT infrastructure and without them you may find that your files are not backed up and your workers may all have different versions of software, resulting in difficulties when sharing files. Whatever the particular preferences for your business, Pronetic will find the perfect solution to keep your operation running smoothly.

Once the server has been installed we can monitor it and provide security software to further enhance its stability. We offer onsite support if necessary and look to keep our clients updated with any maintenance work that their server may require.

So if your business is local to Southampton and you need a server installed to help aid your IT infrastructure, contact Pronetic today and discover our full range of services.