Should Microsoft make Windows 9 free to install?

Whilst we’re all getting used to the idea of the latest smartphone applications being free to download, Microsoft are still struggling in their attempts to persuade people to upgrade from Windows XP. Is there a connection? It’s quite simple really; so much is free in today’s online market but Microsoft are still trying to get us to spend a small fortune on a new operating system or the latest desktop PC. So what if Microsoft just decided to give Windows away for free instead?

Microsoft are currently in the process of developing their latest operating system Windows 9 but are still having trouble persuading people to change from Windows XP, even if they are cutting off its support services. Traditionally, consumers would unintentionally find themselves getting used to the latest Windows operating system after getting a new PC, whilst you could also just pay for it separately. However, the success of Windows XP over every other operating system that’s been released by Microsoft has caused people to forget about upgrading.

So, why not make Windows 9 free to install? Apple takes this approach with iOS by introducing updates and offering them up for users to install. What was even more substantial though was Apple’s decision to release their latest desktop operating system for free, whilst Microsoft were throwing Windows 8 at consumers for a reduced fee of around $40.

Ultimately, Microsoft would be sacrificing quite a major chunk of their revenue if they did choose to make Windows 9 free but can they really let the potentially dominant iOS seize control with its own free releases? Maybe it’s time for Microsoft to consider other ways to improve their revenue…

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