Tech Tip – Record Steps in Windows to Explain a Problem to Others

If you need an easy way to explain to others the nature of a technical issue or the steps to take to solve that issue, Windows has an often overlooked, built-in ‘Steps Recorder’ to help you. As the name suggests, it records the series of steps you take on your computer, including screenshots and detailed descriptions, which you can then share for troubleshooting. Here’s how it works:

– In the Windows search bar, type ‘Steps Recorder’ and open the app.

– Click “Start Record” to begin capturing your on-screen actions. You can add comments at specific steps by clicking “Add Comment” and selecting the part of the screen you’re referring to.

– Once done, click “Stop Record.” Save the file and share (as a .zip) with your colleagues, your IT department/IT support company, support forums and more. It could also be used to help visually explain any other kind of on-screen issue or navigation route. Try it!

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