Technology firms growing at their fastest for almost a decade

Technology firms across the country, especially in the capital, are seeing some of the most dramatic hiring & investment upturns for nearly ten years. Many tech firms are now looking to increase their budgets, improve wages and further add to their staff numbers.

The influx of economic activity seems to be the reason behind the industry’s successes according to recent studies provided by the information services company Markit and KMPG.

The global economy seems to be finding its feet as the gradual emergence from recession continues, with sustained growth since 2009. Meanwhile, the vast majority of tech companies across the country have managed to sustain their rate of hiring staff.

The study from Markit showed that tech firms were keen to expand the number of job opportunities available, with 50% of them planning on increasing staff numbers from now until the end of the year. It seems that tech companies are more determined to employ people now than they have been since the studies began.

Markit say that the recent positivity is down to a significant economic boost, affecting both emerging and developed businesses. In fact, the technology sector has 580,000 employees based in the capital at this moment in time, proving that IT workers are as in demand now as they’ve ever been.

With wages also increasing, the government are now focusing on how they can transfer the success and significant growth seen by tech firms in London to the rest of the country.

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