Windows XP retirement

Windows XP is now over eleven years old. Microsoft will cease to support for it from April 2014 so it’s time to consider an upgrade plan.

There are only two ways we recommend – either wipe clean your existing system (remove Windows, software and data files) then install a fresh copy of Windows 7 or 8, or if you PC is due for replacement then go ahead and buy a new one with Windows 7 or 8 pre-installed. Note that Office 2003 support also ends in April 2014.

Sadly there is no simple upgrade procedure that does not require specialised knowledge. After installing your new version of Windows, the applications need to be freshly installed (Office, Sage Accounts, etc) and the data (assuming you remembered to back it up) needs to be put back in place. Once committed to the procedure there is no going back, so you need to be sure you have planned well – hence our advice to upgrade by changing to a new system if your hardware is close to renewal. At least this way you have access to the old system and the new system at the same time and don’t run the risk of losing anything. If you feel your PC has a few years of life left in it and you are not confident about doing the upgrade yourself then we recommend you get some help. Give us a call or email us.

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