Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

BT continues to rollout “Fibre-to-the-Cabinet” (FTTC) during 2013 enabling them to ultimately reduce the number of telephone exchanges as well as increase the speed of internet connection to homes and businesses. The new, speedier version of ADSL is indeed quick but only over very short distances i.e. from the green street cabinet to the home or office. The greater distance, from the street cabinet to the telephone exchange is straddled by newly installed fibre, hence the term “fibre-to-the-cabinet”. There is still a risk of reliability issues as the connection is likely to continue its journey from the street cabinet to user’s premises along ancient lengths of copper wire under the road.

BT market this service under “BT Infinity” though it is available from numerous suppliers such as Zen Internet and Spitfire Network Services.

FTTC is currently available on the following Portsmouth / Chichester exchanges:

  • Portsmouth Central
  • Portsmouth North End
  • Chichester
  • Midhurst

March 2013

  • Cosham
  • Selsey

Remember that although a telephone exchange may have been updated to provide FTTC services, it does not mean that all street cabinets which connect to the exchange are enabled.

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