Back in the 17th century John Donne said “no man is an island” but perhaps in your office in the 21st century he is! In other words, does every PC hide a plethora of important files, perhaps different versions of the same file residing on different PCs? Who has the most current version? Are they backed up? This common situation could be resolved by bringing them altogether in one place on a server.

The word “server” is banded about quote a lot, but what exactly is meant by a “server” and can one of these machines really make a big difference to your business? (For a more detailed definition of a server have a look in the Glossary).

Share resources effectively – share files, contacts, calendars and printers and reduce the load on users’ individual PCs.

Control your email – centralise your email system making it easy to protect and share.

Increase privacy – protect your sensitive files and control who has access to them.

Fast backups – backup files automatically and reduce the risk of data loss. You’ll almost never have to worry about a hard drive crash again.

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