Imagine taking your business software, files and email to the Cloud, allowing you to access everything securely online, anywhere, anytime from any device: PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Hosted Desktop is the complete alternative to “traditional IT”. Instead of investing in servers and software, you connect to the service over the Internet and access your desktop, data, email and apps remotely. IT becomes a utility, just like electricity, you only pay for what you use.

What’s more, all your business email, software and files are delivered from secure, fully replicated data centres, not from local computer hard drives. So, laptops can be lost, computers stolen and buildings damaged by flood or fire, but your precious data will always remain intact and available.

Our service provides you with ‘anywhere access’ to a Windows 10 Desktop, complete with Microsoft Office 2019, Exchange 2016 email as well as all the traditional software your business uses (e.g. Sage Accounts etc.). Your team can work from anywhere in the world on any device (PC, Mac, laptop, thin client, iPhone, iPad, smartphone etc.)

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