Apart from providing a reliable I.T. infrastructure, there are many other ways we can help to extract value from your I.T. investment. To give you a flavour, here are a few examples of the type of help we have given customers.

New office / office move

Opening a new office is generally a very time consuming affair and a major distraction from running a business. If you are also closing one office and transferring to a new one this can take the stress levels up several more notches.

We can take away a huge proportion of the burden by planning, organising and implementing the I.T. and telecommunications aspects. There are widely varying lead times to consider (from days to weeks) depending on the type of telecommunications circuits you may have. Without careful planning it can be difficult to remember every telephone line, fax line, broadband connection, ISDN circuit, leased line, etc. We will have undertaken a thorough I.T. audit when our managed service is first provisioned, so will already have a complete list of everything that needs to be considered for an office move. We will ensure all your servers, PCs, printers and network equipment are setup and tested at the new site ready for users. We can also organise temporary telephone call diversion.

“Spaghetti” clear up

Spaghetti refers to the messy pile of cabling that can develop or metaphorically to the disjointed evolution of systems which is often the result of enlisting a “techy” friend or relying on a member of staff with limited I.T. skills to provide I.T. support for the business. Eventually, either reliability of the systems sinks below a satisfactory level, or support is not available when it is needed. At this point Pronetic gets a call. We will survey your current setup, recommend improvements and offer a support plan to ensure that spaghetti is a thing of the past.

Software procurement

Pretty much all businesses make good use of Microsoft Office® and various accounts packages but many also benefit from implementing industry-specific software, “off the shelf” but tailored to the requirements of the core business e.g. health care, construction, and engineering. While you will determine the business requirements of such software, we can add the appropriate technical requirements and then prioritise and help assess the offerings available. That way you have the best possible chance of investing in the right package first time.

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