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Pronetic is ISO 27001 certified

What does ISO 27001 mean for you?

When you are browsing websites looking for competent IT providers, the “marketing” perspective might promise the moon but how do you know what actually happens behind the scenes? With an ISO 270001 certified partner you have the reassurance that an external auditor has spent days combing through our procedures and actual practices to check we are doing what we claim to do. Our internal processes have been audited against over one hundred security-related controls defined within the ISO 27001 standard.

ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an information security management system. It is a systematic approach consisting of processes, technology and people to help protect and manage an organisation’s information.

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business systems and information is critical to the success of your business. Are you going to gamble that, by not knowing what goes on behind the scenes at your IT provider’s operation?

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Ensure the best return on your IT investment

Why partner with Pronetic?

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Focus on local businesses – fast response when on site presence is required
  • ISO 27001 certified – reassurance we have been externally audited
  • Business analysis – not just a “box seller” – solutions to support your business goals
  • Predictable IT budget – through our Technology Success Program
  • Support Desk calls answered by qualified engineers, not “message-takers”
  • Single point of contact for all your technology issues
  • Extension of your team
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Meet the team

  • Andy

    Managing Director & Client Technology Director


    Managing Director & Client Technology Director

    Favourite Food/Drink: Thai food and Doombar ale

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Meeting with customers and designing business systems

    Favourite Destination: Spain and St. Martin (Leeward Islands)

    Bio: When not at work Andy enjoys sailing (ideally in warm waters), and walking or cycling in the mountains. He took this a bit far once by cycling across India, Nepal then up through Pakistan into China.

  • Kate

    Design Office & Compliance Manager


    Design Office & Compliance Manager

    Favourite Food/Drink: Thai Green Chicken curry with sticky rice and a nice New Zealand, Marlborough wine.

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Setting up the ISO and dealing with customers.

    Favourite Destination: Sri Lanka.

    Bio: When not at work Kate enjoys exercising, looking after all 5 of their children, sailing "Well when I say sailing I mean sunbathing on the deck" and socialising with friends and family.

  • David

    IT Engineer & Client Technology Success Manager


    IT Engineer & Client Technology Success Manager

    Favourite Food/Drink: Pizza, Good Coffee

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Meeting with Customers

    Favourite Destination: Barcelona, plus the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!

    Bio: When not at work David enjoys cricket and football (particularly Tottenham Hotspur FC), driving & flight simulators. In his younger days David scored a goal against the Arsenal first team at Highbury! David is an acrophobic and audiophile.

  • Ewan

    IT Project Engineer


    IT Project Engineer

    Favourite Food/Drink: Pasta, particularly anything cheesy / strong, black coffee

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Technical problem-solving, the more complicated, the better.

    Favourite Destination: British Columbia, Canada

    Bio: When not at work Ewan spends even more time on IT: managing his own server and network infrastructure. He also loves bingeing on TV shows and is a big Formula One fan.

  • Chris

    IT Engineer


    IT Engineer

    Favourite Food/Drink: Curry and Dry Cider

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Diagnosing networking and connectivity issues.

    Favourite Destination: Cycling along the UK coast by bike and travelling by motorhome in Europe.

    Bio: When not at work Chris enjoys the occasional music festival and supports the Cats Protection charity which until recently included fostering kittens.

  • Paul

    IT Engineer


    IT Engineer

    Favourite Food/Drink: Italian food, anything pasta and a good cup of tea

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: Supporting and Solving Customers calls

    Favourite Destination: Rhodes, Greece Beaches

    Bio: In his free time Paul likes to play golf, football, and enjoys going out for walks and eating at Italian restaurants with his fiancée, and rewatching The office USA!

  • Will

    Apprentice IT Engineer


    Apprentice IT Engineer

    Favourite Food/Drink: Mexican food and Lager

    Favourite Task at Pronetic: PC decommissioning / destroying hard drives

    Favourite Destination: Camping in the New Forest

    Bio: When not at work, Will enjoys watching films, particularly Westerns, and discussing them online or with friends. He also likes listening to rock music and driving around town with friends.

Founder’s story

Our values determine our decisions and how we act as a company. These help us to stand out from the crowd – in a positive way!

It’s strange how an apparently insignificant event can alter the course of life in such a big way. Sitting in the bar of the Havana Yacht Club in Cuba, sipping on free rum ‘n’ Coke, Andy Wilkinson had just sailed the Atlantic leg of the “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race” in November 2000. Stuck between crew mates saying “stay for another leg” and a wife countering with “what about a holiday with me and the kids” he was in a tricky, diplomatic corner. Happily and quite rightly the family won out as the rum wore off and the plan of a really long family holiday was hatched. This is the one where you sell the house, resign both jobs, pop down to the London Boat Show to pick up a yacht then sail off leaving a gloomy autumn day in Southsea for the delights on the other side of the Atlantic of a life cruising the Caribbean.

Corporate life in the I.T. world was soon to become a distant memory – no surprise there. Future plans of running yacht charters in Grenada seemed far more appealing.

Fast forward to a year later back in the UK; dinner with friends: “Andy, can you help us set up a new office – we need a server and other stuff?” It’s funny how a one-off project turned into a new career.

Andy’s view on I.T. as a career has changed: “Actually there is nothing wrong with working in I.T.; in fact take the corporate life out of the equation, throw in the satisfaction of solving real business problems for real customers and surprisingly it is a great place to work. While there are some great companies out there, so too are there a load that charge a lot but deliver very little. I am fired by the belief that it must be possible to provide reliable, well-managed I.T. service without having to pay “through the nose” for it.”

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