• “Andy at Pronetic has a seemingly never ending supply of patience and understanding, which is an important attribute in an IT Support company. I have had to deal with quite a few companies in the past, all of which claim to provide a similar service to Pronetic, yet never manage to deliver, all with an unmatched level of professionalism and courtesy.

    He is also able to explain anything remotely IT based to even the most Luddite members of Creative Play and Playgrounds (UK) Ltd. Using Pronetic has meant that we have been able to open a new office, shift staff around and enabled people to work from home, all with relative ease.”

    James Harris, Creative Play / Playgrounds (UK) Ltd, Chester
  • “We use Pronetic for all our I.T. support because we know we can rely on them and trust them. They talk straight with no jargon. They don’t try selling us stuff we don’t need and they do what they say they are going to do. These guys are professional and proactive. We get good value for money and excellent service. I can sleep at night knowing our computer systems are in good hands.”

    Steve Strange, S & J Building Services Ltd, Southampton
  • “We had a computer emergency. Our main computer just died – well, after making a funny smell and then going blank. It was then we discovered what information this one computer held and the importance of taking backups. All our templates and product data were held on the computer in question and there were no backups.

    In desperation, I asked a friend if his firm had had any dealings with a reputable computer firm and it was through this that the day was saved.

    Andy from Pronetic arrived within hours, calmed us down and did what first aid he could there and then. He told us what he thought had happened, told us what he could do and how much it was going to cost if his prediction was correct. He then took away the machine and the next day phoned us to say that he had been right and that he would be in to take away a spare computer to patch up the poorly one.

    Having slept on this overnight, we decided that we really did not want this situation to happen again and that the whole system really wanted a health check and some updating. Again, Andy gave us some choices about how we could do this, gave us some prices and then did the job.

    What I really liked about the service was that Andy spoke English. He did not use computer jargon and every time he used a technical term, he qualified this with a simple explanation. We were clear about level of service, clear about charges and very happy with his attitude which at no time involved sucking in his breath and looking shocked at our lack of knowledge and care. He was helpful, polite and left us more knowledgeable than when he arrived.”

    Jolyon Graham, “Joe Graham Property Sales, Bognor Regis
  • “I have been so impressed with the diligent attitude the team from Pronetic have displayed and the high level of service that they have provided to our company since they assumed responsibility as our MSP. This company knows what they are doing and they really do work for your company to ensure you have the tools that you need, not the tools that someone wants to sell you!” 

    David Attwell, Future Education
  • “We’re happy to recommend Pronetic’s services. Although they’re not necessarily the closest IT support company to us, we feel their service and support is second to none.”

    Iain Lindsey, Arthur Daniels & Co

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